Carpenter and Paterson

Carpenter and Paterson USA is also known as Carpenter and Paterson Ltd, and Carpenter and Paterson Asia. Carpenter and Paterson USA, has nothing to do with Carpenter and Paterson, Inc. To be more confusing, C&P USA, is also, known as Carpenter & Paterson Ltd. Notice the ampersand. Confused yet? All these companies manufacture pipe supports. All these companies have a similar LOGO. They all use a witch as a brand. We are going to try to explain who and what Carpenter and Paterson are. To understand Carpenter and Patterson USA, we must first understand what they do.

Carpenter and Patterson USA, the parent company is Carpenter & Paterson Ltd. They are an international company that manufactures pipe hangers, clevis pipe hangers, and other pipe supports. They also own, Carpenter and Patterson Asia, which is located near Bangkok Thailand., which makes them a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carpenter & Paterson Ltd, located in the UK. Their address is Carpenter & Paterson Ltd Crown Works Welsh. English is spoken here, even though they are in Whales, which is part of the UK or the United Kingdom. Carpenter and Paterson manufacturers pipe hangers. Their loco for pipe hanger Carpenter and Paterson ltd. and Carpenter and Paterson Asia is a witch on a broomstick flying to the east. The competition uses a witch flying to the west. Still, confused about Carpenter and Paterson USA?

Some of the products that Carpenter and Patterson USA’s parent company, manufactures are the following, Pipe Supports, Cold Shoes, Spring Hangers, Constants, and Variables. Struts, Snubbers, Clamps, Engineered Hangers, Pre-insulated supports, Vibration isolation components Carpenter and Patterson USA is not a hardware store, they are a specialist in Pipe Hangers.

Some of Carpenter and Patterson USA’s successes, include, JGC/Fluor LNG Canada, C&P has supplied over 1,000 cryogenic insulation blocks as part of the construction for LNG Canada; this was part of the Kitimat industrial area in British Columbia. Fluor in Sugar Land, Texas was involved in the design and engineering. Carpenter and Paterson USA were involved with the Heurtey Petrochem projects included with Exxon at the Baytown olefins project and the Shintech’s EDC cracking unit. Most recently, Carpenter and Patterson USA were involved with CBI/McDermott’s Calcasieu’s, Louisiana ten million ton per year LNG project. This 5.8 billion dollar project used Carpenter and Patterson’s Asia’s, Cold shoes, known as PUFS. Carpenter and Patterson USA were there with the Golden Pass LNG project, supplying hangers and supports, to Nooter Erikesen.

Do not be fooled by the witch flying to the west. Look for us with the witch flying to the East or to your right. Carpenter and Paterson USA, Carpenter & Paterson Ltd, and Carpenter & Paterson Asia. Call Dannenbaum LLC